BCA Collection

The BCA collection was to be a new line of apparel from Aramark, geared towards a business casual office environment. An eCommerce site, it was to be used to order clothing with a custom embroidered company logo. The main goal of the site for first time visitors was to encourage them to register, while returning users needed to be able to access their shopping carts quickly.

BCA Home page BCA main navigation page

Figure 1 - BCA Home page


Figure 2 - BCA main navigation page

Sections within the site discussed the benefits of becoming a registered user, the history and quality of the BCA collection, and clothing personalization options. The major section of the site was the collection itself. In this section, users could very quickly preview different styles and colors of clothing, add them to their cart, and select personalization options. When finished, the order would be processed, and the user contacted to confirm the order.

BCA Clipper Jacket page, black BCA Clipper Jacket page, red

Figures 3 & 4 - Users could quickly preview different colors without having to load new pages.

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