Life Career Retreat

A site intended to primarily be an informational resource for people looking to change careers, Life Career Retreat was created by GAMA to help guide people toward a career as a life insurance agent. GAMA wanted to present general information on job hunting and resume building, as well as success stories and information about a job in life insurance.

Life Career Retreat main page

Figure 1 - Life Career Retreat main page

Realizing that to many people life insurance would not appear to be an exciting job, a mountain climbing metaphor was created for the site to add a sense of adventure. Each section had an appropriate mountain climbing equivalent applied to it, which strengthened and reinforced the ideas of the section while not overpowering the main message. Testing was conducted to ensure that visitors could navigate easily and in a logical progression, while at the same time making certain that visitors did not confuse the site for a mountaineering Web site. Streaming audio testimonials and a career placement test also helped to attract visitors to the site and clarify its purpose.

Life Career Retreat Outfitters section Life Career Retreat Approach Hike section main page

Figure 2 - Outfitters section


Figure 3 - Approach Hike section main page

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