Network Services Company

Network Services Company (NSC) had a static Web site and wanted to update it for the new millennium. NSC had received complaints from visitors that screens were too long vertically and that users had to scroll down too far to navigate (figure 1). In addition, management did not like the yellow color used in the site, and wanted to simplify the color scheme to shades of the company logo blue. NSC also wished to move away from using FrontPage as a Web design tool, towards a more versatile and powerful tool.

NSC's old home page NSC's new Overview page

Figure 1 (left) - NSC's old home page
Figure 2 (above) - NSC's new Overview page

FringeNet helped NSC to create a new site that flowed better across all sections of the site.

NSC's new home page

Figure 3 - NSC's new home page

A new navigation area was added that would fit on one screen without having to scroll. In addition, navigation was improved overall between and within sections of the site by adding tooltips and upwards navigation areas from within each section. A consistent look and feel was created and maintained across all sections. At FringeNet's recommendation and training, NSC migrated to DreamWeaver, which included better site maintenance and template tools than did FrontPage. NSC also added more expansive sections and content with third party software.

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